This rustic-themed restaurant in North Kingstown Rhode Island is guaranteed to impress with its large menu, friendly staff, and vibrant atmosphere.

Before we talk about Back 40 in 2021, let’s take it back four years ago, when a team of four decided to start up Back 40. The restaurant will be celebrating its fourth anniversary this summer. The team of owners who all take part in this restaurant is Justin Dalton-Ameen, Joshua Culpo, Peter Culpo, and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. There was a lot of work that went into creating the restaurant that you see today, and space went through a lot of renovations to make it into the rustic spot that it is now. One of the owners of the restaurant, Justin Dalton-Ameen said that the restaurant went through about nine months of construction, which included changing up the layout of the restaurant and adding decks to the front and the back of the space. All of this construction made the restaurant a lot more spacious and very appealing. This group of owners actually opened their first restaurant up in Boston six years ago, created Back 40 two years later, and are also working on opening another restaurant East Greenwich that will be opening up in the fall. 

Back 40 definitely has a very lively, fun atmosphere and it is a very enjoyable place to grab a bite. The restaurant looks like a giant red barn from the outside. When you walk in, you are greeted by a huge, bright “B 40” sign, a long bar, and tables filled with people who are having a great time.   

My experience at Back 40 was an impressive one and left me wanting to come back again and again. The menu was large, filled with tons of American comfort foods like burgers, short rib grilled cheese, fried chicken, chicken parm, and if you’re looking to try something a little different, fried Brussel sprouts. (I’m not the biggest fan of Brussel sprouts but you have to admit trying them fried is pretty tempting.) They also have a ton of great drinks on their menu, have live music playing on the weekends and they are always changing up their menu. All of these factors make Back 40 a really vibrant atmosphere and keep people coming back. 

The food isn’t the only thing that is absolutely delicious at Back 40, their dessert is also on another level. If you have any room left after your incredible meal, you have to try some dessert.  Apple Cider Donut Bread Pudding, Fried Banana Split, Brownie Sundae. Or, you could even try a dessert martini. Whether it’s drinks, meals, or desserts, Back 40 is going to impress.